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Our #1 goal is to add more love
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Keynote Speaker Adam Markel

More Love Media works with individuals, entrepreneurs, executives and organizations to build work cultures of inspiration, resilience and connection. Through speaking engagements, C-Suite mentoring, pivot coaching, corporate training and speaker workshops, we help our clients embrace change, encourage innovation, build meaningful relationships and magnify their impact.

Ultimately, these all have a massively positive impact on sales, performance and company culture…. and more importantly, a more peaceful world. Everything we do is rooted in what we call “heart-space” and is an extension of our dedication to positively impacting lives and companies all over the world.

Our big why is all about inspiring people worldwide to love their lives. We are committed to integrity and helping powerful and authentic messages reach millions. We love what we do and feel blessed to call this our work.

Adam Markel

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Operations Officer

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Chief Marketing Officer

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Chief Brand Officer

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